Exclusive PRE-RELEASE SCREENING of the McKenna Academy’s first short documentary, “BioGnosis, Bridges to Ancestral Wisdom.”

Presented by Dennis McKenna, President of McKenna Academy; Christina Chaya, Executive Director of McKenna Academy & Film Director; and Greg Hemmings, Executive Producer & Creative Director of Hemmings Films.

The McKenna Academy embarks on a journey for the preservation, revival and empowerment of the wisdom of life that only the Amazon holds — woven into its unique biocultural diversity.

BioGnosis promises to be an unfolding of life’s mysteries that comes together through the stories of the people of the Amazon. The journey is starting with the production of a short documentary. In 2021, the Academy team visited the Herbarium Amazonense of the National University of the Peruvian Amazon and its surroundings areas to open dialogue with the native wisdom keepers, young and old, academics and traditional practitioners.

With funding, the Academy plans to support the digitization of the herbarium and develop a documentary series, complemented with educational modules. Project BioGnosis has great potential to further illuminate the “gnosis” (knowledge) of all “bio” (life) on Earth that may bring us back to a more symbiotic existence with all of Nature.

Follow the evolution of BioGnosis at the Academy’s Biologue.

The McKenna Academy envisions BioGnosis to be a catalyst in bridging ancestral wisdom, ethnobotany and innovation — for a thriving planet.