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Cody Swift


“Not everyone might need to take a psychedelic. It may be that it is the clergy and the healers and the psychologists and the teachers and the educators and the therapists – for them to have that experience – and then become embodied healers in that way and thus healing will have an exponential benefit to society as a whole.”

T. Cody Swift, MFT is a philanthropist, qualitative researcher, and psychotherapist. Through the Riverstyx Foundation, he has collaborated with over 90 projects addressing healthy society through working with stigmatized populations and issues – those most likely to be overlooked for funding and support – and brings over 14 years working in the field of psychedelic research. He has served as a therapist-guide in the Johns Hopkins psilocybin and cancer-anxiety trials as well as developed qualitative inquiries into the subjective aspects of participant’s experiences with psilocybin and MDMA. He has dedicated himself to this field, not only because of the efficacy of these medicines, but because of they way they heal, by helping individuals to turn towards difficult or painful aspects of their lives, to reconcile them into greater wholeness, and gain perspective on life beyond illness. He has also worked for over 7 years supporting indigenous communities in the conservation of their sacred plant medicines, such as the Native American Church in the preservation of Peyote and the Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund.