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Donna Torres


Donna Torres is a Miami-based artist, illustrator and adjunct professor of painting at Florida International University. She recently retired from teaching botanical art at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Donna’s drawings, paintings and multimedia projects reflect her interest in shamanism and the natural world. Her artworks have been exhibited widely in the US and abroad. She has illustrated numerous books, including the cover of the proceeding of ESPD50. She is currently working on her next solo exhibition of paintings and drawings, Caminos y Enlaces (Pathways and Connections), opening December 2022 at the Sala Gasco Arte Contemporaneo in Santiago, Chile. To commemorate ESPD55, Donna put together a beautiful print collection of her illustrations of entheogenic plants and fungi. This visionary garden set is for sale on her website and she is generously donating 30 % of all sale proceeds to the McKenna Academy. You can see the prints here