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Greg Hemmings

Executive Producer

“During TEDxUNB, Greg Hemmings provided a captivating presentation on the power of film and storytelling, highlighting a documentary his film company, Hemmings House, created on the influence of music studies for underprivileged youth in Venezuela. The theme of the TEDx event was ‘Igniting the Spark’ and I can say with full confidence Greg did just that, leaving the room incredibly inspired.”

Sarah Taaf TEDx

May 26, 2022 12:00 am

As an executive producer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, creative director and community movement-maker, Greg Hemmings is a global thought leader in the area of positive social impact filmmaking. Greg’s focus is on how companies can inspire positive change by investing in social impact films and at the same time, increasing brand trust in the market.

His commitment to positive social change has taken him and his team to all corners of the globe to tell global stories to inspire local change and local stories to inspire global change. His company Hemmings House is a certified B-Corporation and his team produces filmed content that makes a difference. Hemmings House has been producing film content for the brand marketing and global broadcast industries for almost a decade. They have also created a process that engages community and brand stakeholders in the film story experience helping to accelerate social movements that matter to them.


How the process of filming an environmental of a social movement can accelerate positive change

Using examples of films that Greg has produced over the years, including Biognosis, he will share with the audience the power of documenting movements as they are happening with film, and how sharing unfinished content can be a more powerful agent of change than a final film released to the public.